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Plataforma sobre o cumprimento do Código Florestal em propriedades rurais registrada no CAR.

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Grau de implementação atual dos Programas de Regularização Ambiental (PRA), por estado. 

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Painel de informações sobre o engajamento do setor privado na  proteção da vegetação nativa

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Exemplos de boas práticas de implementação do Código Florestal em diversos setores

Últimas notícias

Fines do not change with new rules

According to an article published in the Legal Counsel, the rules of the new Forest Code is not retroactive with respect to fines imposed by IBAMA. The decision not to modify fines occurred in Paraíba.

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Janot questions Code in opinions

The Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot, sent on Tuesday (14/07) three favorable opinions to the direct actions of unconstitutionality articles questioning the new Forest Code. Janot maintains that various parts of the new code violates the general obligation to environmental protection and the constitutional requirement of repairing environmental damage. The information is the Department of Social Communication of the Attorney.

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Federal judge prevents construction in APP and sends return batch to the Union in the Holy Spirit

A judge of the 3rd Federal Court of Vitória (ES) ordered the return of land Union – located within a Permanent Preservation Area (APP). The decision was made after the Secretary of the Union Equity (SPU) receiving the request for batch settlement and conclude that besides the risk to vegetation of sandbank, whose main function is fixing sand dunes, there are species of endangered plants in local. The owner tried to get the permit in court and lost.

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Forest Code has immediate impact

With the new Forest Code arise some issues to be debated. This article discusses the compatibility of some provisions with the Constitution and its immediate impact.

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