The Observatory

The Forest Code Observatory

Created in 2013, the Forest Code Observatory is a network of 28 institutions, which monitors the implementation of the new Forest Law (Federal Law 12.651, of May 25, 2012), with the intention of generating data and critical mass that collaborate with the enhancement of the positive aspects and the mitigation of its negative aspects of the new Forest Law and avoid further setbacks.

The Observatory monitors the performance of the Environmental Regularization Programs (PRAs) and its main instrument, the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR); continuously assesses the performance of state governments in the implementation of the new Forestry Law; promotes discussions and disseminates data, subsidizing the work of member organizations, partners and collaborators.

With transparency, it is possible to continuously increase the performance of state governments, rural producers, traders and consumers. In addition to generating data, information and analysis, the Observatory promotes transparency and increases the potential for informative debates on the new Forestry Law to society, gathering and disseminating information on the environmental regularization of rural properties in Brazil.

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